Painting and Drawing

Skills to be learnt:  To enable our students to

Ø  Paint using natural objects and relate the use of unconventional materials to the concept of ‘line’

Ø  Distinguish the difference between warm colours , cool colours, and the concept of blending colours

Ø  Explore texture by painting and drawing on foreign objects from which they will come to understand the importance of paper texture

Ø  Explore shape through application of collage and come to understand how important individual shape is in the overall image

Ø  Understand the concept of tone and draw shapes and incorporate a degree of tone by using charcoal and lead

Course content forElementary and Intermediate levels:

Ø  Easter egg painting / Easter egg paper mache

Ø  Paddle pop nest for Easter

Ø  Under the sea / Bach time

Ø  Creating your monster

Ø  Mask painting

Ø  Mother’s or Father’s Day card making

Ø  Mini me

Ø  Finger puppets

Ø  Watercolour drops

Ø  Painting with marbles

Ø  Making your own bookmark

Ø  Painting a book cover

Ø  Favourite season



      Course content for advanced level:

Ø  Chiaroscuro

Ø  Self-portraits

Ø  Lines and patterns

Ø  Micro to macro

Ø  Creative minds

Ø  Glass stained artwork

Ø  Van Gogh

Ø  Picasso