Music Keyboard Lesson

Lesson Duration: 45mins

Age: 5-12

Students per class: 3-5 (Maximum 5 students)

Instrument: 61 keys music keyboard

Materials: All songs and theory worksheets are provided


Keyboard is a great instrument to start on. It is easy to understand and play. It helps on hand-eye co-ordination and brain development for children. Learning music also improves concentration. Young students only require to know numbers (1-10) and a few alphabet (A-G) to start learning.

Students are separated in groups according to age and levels (New starter, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).

For New starter and Beginner classes, the objective of the lesson is to make students love and enjoy music. Introducing musical concepts and build up a solid music foundation in theory and practical skills is the goal of this course. After building a strong foundation, students are progress to intermediate level classes. During this course, students experience the following:

·         Keyboard playing – to play fun songs and develop fingering skills

·         Theory – to learn musical signs and symbols

·         Rhythm and Pattern recognition – to develop a touch and expressions when playing music

·         Notes reading – to learn notes on musical lines

·         Aural and Singing – to train by ears and recognise notes and phases

·         Musical Games - to learn musical knowledge through grouped activities

Intermediate and Advanced classes are for students who have strong musical and musical foundation. The focuses are to teach practical skills and theoretical skills. Different music styles and technical skills are introduced. Students learn to be musical independent.