Learn Music on Keyboard at Your Child’s School

Keyboard is a great musical instrument to start with.  It is easy to understand and play. It helps foster hand-eye co-ordination and brain development for children. The commonly highlighted benefits of learning to play keyboard and piano include:

* Improves concentration

* Boosts self-esteem

* Provides a medium for self-expression

* Helps with learning at school

* Makes you smarter

* Gives you a life-long social and leisure skill


In School Music Keyboard Program

 Cater for Ages of 5 to 13 (Kindergarten to Primary 6)

 Weekly 30 min or 45 min lessons

 Small groups (max. 6 students per lesson)

 Convenient at-school venue

 Learning materials supplied

 Keyboards supplied for use during lessons

 Fun musical games and ensemble playing

 Music theory and practical skills

 Affordable tuition free paid on termly basis


Expression of Interest:  Fill in Enrolment form and drop it in the Collection Box of School Office of participating schools

Contact us :  Phone: 8041 0583   /   Mobile : 0421 226 939 (Text)

                          Email: discoveryanm@gmail.com