Art and Craft

Art & Craft programs are designed to inspire our students to explore by observing the world around them and encourage them to enjoy using their imagination and senses, leading them to experience the joy of creation.

Skills to be developed:  To enable our students to

Ø  Develop thinking and communication skills

Ø  Discover the world

Ø  Express themselves artistically

Ø  Develop skills of problem solving

Ø  Develop good motor skills and hand to eye co-ordination

Ø  Develop body balance and strength

Ø  Learn how to make friends and enjoy company

Ø  Start to read for themselves

Course content for Elementary and Intermediate levels:

Ø  Primary origami and introduction of 3D origami

Ø  Clay and paper clay creation and painting

Ø  Collage design

Ø  Finger puppets

Ø  Party mask design

Ø  Card design

Ø  Photo frame design

Ø  Coloured sand bottles

Ø  Make your own crown or princess hat

Ø  Plaster and plaster painting

Ø  Popsicle art

Ø  Paper quilling art

Ø  Little bag design

Ø  Glasses painting